Welcome to Bath BMX Club! This website will tell you more about the 2018 South West Regional Championships Round 4, taking place at Bath BMX Club on Sunday 13th May, 2018.


It's a series of races taking part at ten different BMX tracks around the South West of England and Wales. The full list can be found on the South West BMX events page.

Who Can Enter?

Not only are the championships open to members of the South West… but Bath BMX Club welcome riders of all ages and abilities into the Novice Races! If you fancy having a go at the track in a timed race, then you can enter too. Please see How to Enter for more information and make sure you read all the terms and conditions.

Photos © Mick Wells


BMX race meetings are relentless, all-day action, which begin with qualifying heats, called ‘motos’. Up to eight riders contest each moto, before moving on through further knockout rounds until the final, which decides the overall winner. Races usually last well under a minute and are run off in quick succession, meaning that it’s an exciting non-stop day for riders and spectators alike.


Due to the exciting, explosive and non-stop action, together with the compact nature of the tracks, BMX is one of the most spectator-friendly forms of cycle sport. It's free to spectate so why not come along to your local track and show your support? You never know, you might end up riding the next one!

Want to race?

How to Enter

How to enter

For novice riders

You must be able to ride round the track without stopping. To enter, you need to register on the day - by 11am in the morning. You’ll be entered into a race with your own age group. There are three heats (called ‘motos’) before a final race.

Riders will only be allowed to race if they are wearing a full face helmet, gloves, a long sleeve top and the shins must be covered either by trousers or protective padding. These are rules set by British Cycling and there are no exceptions. You can borrow a helmet from the club but we must know in advance.

For expert riders

You can register in advance at British or register on the day by 11am. Remember, it is much cheaper to register in advance - you can pre-register Here.


£13.50 Pre-Reg
£13.50 'on the day'

  • 6 and Under
  • 7-9 mixed
  • 10-13 mixed
  • 14+ mixed

Expert Men

£13.50 Pre-Reg
£21.50 'on the day'

  • 6 and under mixed
  • 7’s, 8’s, 9’s, 10’s, 11’s, 12’s
  • 13’s, 14’s, 15’s, 16’s
  • Regional Elite 17-29
  • Masters, Veteran

Expert Women

£13.50 Pre-Reg
£21.50 'on the day'

  • 6 and under mixed
  • 7-8’s, 9-10’s, 11-12’s
  • 13-14’s, 15-16’s
  • Championship Women


£13.50 Pre-Reg
£21.50 'on the day'

  • Men: 13-14,15-16, 17-29
  • 30-39, 40-44, 45+
  • Women: 17-19, 30+
  • (a) 8 from 10 rounds required to qualify for ranking and trophy.
  • (b) Plate Numbers – Expert riders can find their plate number on the SW BMX Racing website or last 3 digits of race licence on green SW plate.
  • (c) 5 rounds required to qualify for the British Championships. If a rider starts the season as a Novice they must have at least raced 3 events as an Expert to qualify.
  • (d) No parents allowed on the start hill (Experts – any age). Parents of Novice riders aged 6 & under allowed on the start hill.
  • (e) Any rider wishing to ride out of age group must submit a letter of request to the SW region from their club chairman/coach. A rider can only revert after their 1st race – thereafter the rider must stay in that age group. Deadline for letters of support – March 2nd.
  • (f) You need to request dispensation from the SW Committee (injury/illness/competing overseas) to ride in the British Championships if you have raced less than five rounds.

Expert Rider or want to race in the expert class?

Register with British



The track will be open for practise between 12pm - 1pm
Gate practise will take place 1pm - 3pm. We are running coaching sessions with Ryan Stack in the morning for specific race training - please see Facebook for full details and to sign up.

Gate practice £4 per rider / £2 for Bath club members.


9.30-10.05 ~ 12 and under Open Practice
10.05-10.30 ~ 13 and over/Cruisers Open Practice
10.30-11.05 ~ 12 and under Gate Practice
11.05-11.30 ~ 13 and Over/Cruisers Gate Practice

Opens at 9am
Registration closes sharp at 11am

Pre-Sheets posted by 11.30am
Moto Sheets posted at 11.45am

Racing will start as close to 12.00pm as possible

3 Motos run without a break
Run-Offs directly after Motos
Approx 15 min break
Quarter Finals if required
Approx 10 min break
Semi Finals
Approx 15-30 mins break
Novice Finals
C Finals (and others if required)
B Finals
A Finals



How to find the track

Odd Down, Bath is on the south side of the town. The playing fields at Odd Down are situated at the entrance to Chelwood Drive, off Bloomfield Road. If you are coming to gate practice on Saturday, please park in the main car park and then follow the gravel path north and round.

On site facilities

There is plenty of parking on site; on race day the cost will be £3 per vehicle & you’ll be directed by a marshall to the nearest parking space. There is a short walk to the track. Parking is first come, first served. Food and drink is available from a catering van and the club will be offering drinks and snacks for sale throughout the day. Don’t forget to buy a raffle ticket for great prizes including an O Neal full face helmet, skate helmet and gloves!

Where to stay

Hotels: There are lots of hotels in Bath; try the Travelodge or Premier Inn.

Camping: Bath Marina has pitches for motorhomes and caravans with excellent access to Bath and the track. Or please try Radford Mill Farm . The campsite is located on the right side of Bath for good access to the track. Radford Mill Farm, Timsbury, BA2 0QF. Tel 01761 479391.


Contact Info

Bath BMX Track
Chelwood Drive,
Bath, BA2 2PR